Joel Weiss, Esq.

Managing Partner

Joel is a registered patent attorney with a practice focusing on developing intellectual property protection and enforcement strategies for companies with advanced and specialized technology. Joel counsels and represents consumer electronics companies, specialty manufacturing businesses and several medical device companies.

Joel has particular expertise in strategic IP programs, and counsels clients through all stages of IP asset development. In support of one of the largest Internet company acquisitions in history, he guided the target company into position, and then brought it through a transaction that provided the foundation for its ongoing commercial success.

Advocacy requires experience.  He is a seasoned and vigorous advocate for the procurement and enforcement of patent rights throughout the world with a speciality in analog and digital circuitry, semiconductor processing and medical devices.  

IP includes areas other than patents.  Joel successfully represents clients in all types of intellectual property disputes, including those related to trademark, trade dress, copyright, and unfair competition matters.  He has often been called upon to obtain and defend critical rights when persuasive advocacy is required, whether before patent examiners, administrators or federal judges.